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Metso's financial targets and dividend policy

Metso’s Board of Directors have decided on Metso's long-term financial targets.

The following financial targets are effective as of 1 January 2014:

Metso's long-term financial targets are as follows:

  • Net sales growth to exceed market growth
  • Services net sales annual growth of more than 10% on average
  • EBITA margin before non-recurring items of 11-16%
  • Return on capital employed (ROCE) before taxes of 30%
  • Earnings per share to grow faster than net sales
  • Capital structure that supports a solid investment-grade credit rating
  • Dividend payout of at least 50% of annual earnings per share

Our goal is to create shareholder value through growth and profitability. We will focus on growth in businesses in which we are targeting a strong global position and in the services business in all our segments. Growth in sales and earnings, combined with a high return on capital employed, are the main drivers of our shareholder value going forward.

Visit our online Annual Report to read more about our financial targets and achievements during 2013.

Last updated Mar 05, 2014